8 Feb 2009

Style Icon of the Week: Linda McCartney

Who?: Before she was wife of Paul, and mother to Mary, James, and, perhaps most notably, Stella McCartney, Linda Eastman was a high profile music photographer, who snapped the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and The Who. Her photo of Erci Clapton graced the covers of Rolling Stone in 1968, but six years lates it was Linda herself on the cover. Despite being wife to one of music's greatest superstars, Linda maintained a famously low public profile, shying away from fame and sending her children to state schools, so that they could grow up living a normal life. Despite her musical contributions to The Beatles, (she co-wrote 'Live and Let Die'), and her huge musical success with Paul, in 70's band Wings, which had 12 Top 10 singles, Linda remains most her work as an animal rights activist. After seeing a lamb in a field, as she and her husband enjoyed a lamb sandwich, Linda became a high profile vegetarian, who regularly spoke out on behalf of animal rights groups, including PETA and Friends of the Earth, and created her own line of vegetarian meat substitutes. Stella McCartney has carried on Linda's animal friendly ethic as a vegetarian, who frequently campaigns against the use of fur and animal skin in fashion.

Why?: Speaking in an interview, Stella McCartney spoke of her mother's style as 'grunge before it happened'.

What can we learn from her style?:

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