23 Jan 2009

Lazy Girl Lux

After a long, stressful week (think exams, coursework and insomnia), today I'm officially having a l-a-z-y day; finishing yesterday's neglected post, and relaxing in old skinny jeans and a pyjama top, I'm proud to be a lazy girl. This time last year "fashionable" lounge wear consisted of Juicy Couture and Abercombie tracksuits, Jack Wills hoodies and Ugg boots, but this season lounge wear has left the realm of shapeless velour, and had sashayed its way into high fashion territory.

My favourite Italian designers, Dolce and Gabbana's S/S 09 collection takes lazy girl chic to a brand new level of luxury. Using printed silk, button and waist tie details, this laid back lux would make Hugh Heffner and his smoking jacket proud, this season Dolce and Gabbana have done the unthinkable and made pyjama chic the new hot S/S look. Soft, silky and a timelessly classic but innovative and fun, these pyjama suits are a fresh twist on the power suit, a beautifully luxurious option for an evening occasion, hot date or important appointment. Available with three quarter length or full length, wide leg trousers, as a stunning twinset to be worn over bare skin or silk blouses, these suits are too good for the 9-5. While the light blue, salmon and ivory shades are perfect for daytime or a summer evening event, the darker black and navy colours create a more dramatic effect. My favourite is the rich, crushed raspberry option, it's opulent shade and three quarter length, turned up legs adding a playful touch to this sophisticated look, while D&G teams these suits with bows and heavily baubled necklaces, I'd wear it with simple black heels or ballet flats, and minimal jewellery.

If suits are a little too formal or impractical for summer, Dolce and Gabanna has also created mini-versions of the 'pyjama suit'. Either worn as a matching short-sleeve blouse and tailored city shorts, softened with silk, polka dot patterning and a waist tie, or as a patterned blouse with plain, voluminous hot pants, to balance out the statement blouse.

For those that aren't afraid of strutting their stuff in the limelight, in an attention grabbing daytime outfit, pyjama style blouses were styled with patterned, structured skirts, skyscrapper wedges and ribboned headwear. I love the below the knee black and white, textured skirt teamed with a bracelet sleeved white blouse.

Combining an elegant, floor length gown, adorned with silk lilies, with a champagne silk blouse, Dolce and Gabanna have created the ultimate in lazy girl couture chic, the perfect wedding dress for the bride that wants to have an extra long lie in on her special day.


Dooder City said...

Love the Dolce!

Couture Carrie said...

I kinda love this PJ chic - did you see that Jessica Alba wore one of these D&G looks out in public??


this wheel's on fire said...

i love my italians :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

Hi =]
great blog by the way<3


Cathy Voyage said...

I love the last pic!
I follow your blog now, I would be happy if you could follow mine, too!

coco said...

I want a blue pair. But for indoor wear only.

yiqin; said...

D&G is amazing. I like every single piece!

LJ said...

I'd love to go out in my gown in this weather, and we actually discussed it a couple of weeks ago. So Dolce & Gabanna might have read my mind. Although, I'm not so sure I'd go out wearing the matched top and bottoms of theirs...maybe each on their own would look not so PJish..

xx-LJ from SOS!

Rosanna said...



Biru said...

I loved this Dolce show. Included it several times on one of my Fashion Design searches around circles.
Thanks for your comment on my blog...

and... thanks, the vest is lush indeed but I think I should really have anger management before I beat someone up. :P ahaha