22 Jan 2009

High Street Hot Picks

An early finish from college and late night shopping are a deadly combination, especially when you're trying to save spending money for your BIG FAT AMERICA TRIP - less than a month to go *squeals in embarrassing fashion*. The solution? Leave your cash card at home, and only take with you the money that you need for your bus fare (£4 return), your lunch (£7 for a Pret A Mange salad and carrot juice), and the essential thing that you went in to buy; a new SIM card. Sticking a big fat finger up at Orange (look guys, I love Orange Wednesdays, those 'don't let a mobile ruin your movie' skits are really quite funny and you know how to choose some top notch tunes for your adverts, but I really need to cut down my living costs), I gave up on pay as you go and got an O2 contract SIM, for £20 you get unlimited free texts and 600 minutes of call time - not too shabby.

To congratulate myself on saving so much money (right now I top up around £30 - £40 a month), I took a walk round the high street, but with my cash card safely stowed away today was all about window shopping. It's strange, but when you're officially 'just looking' you seem to notice more things that grab your attention, especially things from the high street end of the high street. So here we have it, my top picks of the British high street, January 2009:

River Island: I don't normally go in River Island, but lately when I have walked by I've noticed they're stocking a great range of bags and clutches, think lots of bright colours, dainty chains, quilting and mock croc, it reminds me of my Italian Nonna's bag collection! While more subdued than some of my colourful favourites, this silver one is a keeper:
Warehouse:These fringe boots made me go inside the shop to check out the price tag, not cheap, but totally worth it:
Oasis: Another shop I hardly ever step into, I ended up in the Oasis section in a department, and was surprised by finding these Lanvin-esque lattice work, toeless boots.
New Look: A favourite from my days as an pre-teen shopped, where I stocked up on pink hoodies, fake fur trimmed parkas and bangles, there's still a lot of quality goods to be found in New Look, they just have a bit of looking for, I think this black, drop pocket dress is a wee bit of a find:

H&M: I walk into H&M and want to buy everything, it's a principle of the universe, along with a white woolen waistcoat, this leather mini skirt stood out especially:Primark: Ah, no write up about the high street would be complete without a nod to Primark, the new champion of cheap fashion that you aren't ashamed to leave the house in. Tempted by a Luella style cream handbag and a pearl alice band, this statement necklace won my heart, and at £8, it'll soon win my cash card too!

But wait! I hear you cry, what about Topshop? If you've been following thus far, you will have learnt anything to do with Topshop deserves a post of it's own :P

Which of these hot picks do you think is most worthy of my hard saved cash?


Dooder City said...

Save girl, save your $$$$.

yulanda said...

I really like the necklace. And the purse.

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Where are you from?

I'm almost embarrassed to admit it, but I really like Dorothy Perkins skirts these days! They're a great fit


Alecca Rox said...

I really like the warehouse boots... However, when you are saving money always try and remember the golden rule, buy what you need, not what you just happen like. I am trying to save money too, but I really like these marni shoes that are about to ruin everything!! (i'll live on crisps till Easter).

*by the way, the shoes on my previous post were...Asda;)

yiqin; said...

I love the boots wit the fringe!